May 2019

Sunset 2018, once again, takes the top prize at the prestigious 16th Mondial du Rosé

BEKAA VALLEY: Château Ksara, Lebanon’s leading winery, is proud to announce that it’s iconic Sunset 2018 has, once again won a gold medal at the 16th Mondial du Rosé in Cannes, a competition in which over 1,000 wines from over 20 countries were submitted to 67 judges from 18 nations.

Made with Cabernet Franc and Syrah and first released in 1974, Sunset is Lebanon’s best-selling rosé and a permanent fixture on the nation’s dining tables and beach clubs during summer. It has a salmon-pink hue with an elegant nose of red fruit. In the mouth, there is freshness, excellent fruit with a sustained finish. Sunset is sold in over 30 countries.

“We are proud to see that, once again, Château Ksara and Lebanon have demonstrated the highest standards of winemaking on the international stage,” said Zafer Chaoui, the winery’s president. “Sunset is an icon, one of the backbones of extensive portfolio of labels both at home and abroad. It is a modern rosé, aimed at a discerning palate, made by a winery that has been producing wines of a consistent quality for over 160 years.”

Château Ksara was founded by the Jesuit brothers in 1857 and is Lebanon’s oldest producer. It is known for its famous 2km Roman tunnels where many of Château Ksara’s wines are still aged. “Wine professionals never fail to be touched by Château Ksara’s sense of history and impressed by the quality and versatility of our wines,” Mr. Chaoui added.

April 25, 2019|Joanna Simon

 £12.99–£15, All About Wine, Strictly Wine, Corking Wines, Whole Foods, Harrods, Handford Wines 

Unless you’ve had this wine before, I can confidently say that you’ve never drunk a Merwah. Château Ksara, Lebanon’s oldest and largest winery, is the first to release a wine made entirely from this centuries-old, indigenous white grape variety (it’s been suggested that it could be a local clone of Sémillon but without DNA testing there’s no way of knowing). Ksara’s Merwah vines are 60 years old, on pre-phylloxera rootstock and in a terraced vineyard lying at 1500m in the north of the country in the village of Douma. The wine is unoaked and has fresh, delicately floral, citrus, spice and almond patisserie aromas, preserved lemon and melon flavours and a supple, rounded texture (a textural echo there of Sémillon…) – all in all, very attractive. It’s ideal as an aperitif but also makes a match for simply prepared fish and seafood, gougères, or vegetarian mezze dishes such as falafel, fattoush and hummus. 12.5%. 

Château Ksara Merwah 2017, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

£12.99–£15, All About Wine, Strictly Wine, Corking Wines, Whole Foods, Harrods, Handford Wines