Sustainable Development at Château Ksara

Sustainability in development is at the heart of Château Ksara.

Sustainable Agriculture

Grassing and Traditional tillage agriculture technique used in our vineyards

Grassing is a sustainable agriculture technique used by Château Ksara viticulture team during the month of May to protect our soil. We keep the grass between the inter-raws of our vineyard to reduce runoff and erosion by holding the sand and stocking water. Grasses, flowers, and insects create a perfect environment for the vine to prosper by protecting it and feeding it with needed nitrogen and organic materials. Hence, these grasses force the vine routes to go deeper within the soil to get its supply of water. This natural phenomenon has a structural role for the vine rooting system leading to a healthier tree ready to go through the dry season.

By the end of May, when the temperature rises, we tilled the soil using traditional technics to get rid of the grasses avoiding competition for water. This consists of manually removing the grasses without harming the vine and spreading them on the soil along the inter-rows of the vineyard. This automatically increases the humidity and maintains a good temperature of the soil. It also feeds the wine with necessary minerals and organic products.

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Recycling and reusing

Glass Recycling and reusing program

We recycle white glace bottles and reuse the green ones. To get involved in our recycling project contact us at

Reused Barrels

Barrels are reused at the winery for decoration or sold to the public. You can design you’re own barrel or order a predesigned one.

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Decreasing water consumption

Recirculating Water

In order to decrease our water consumption, we recirculate water in our distillery.

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Other Activities

Local Suppliers

Château Ksara is dedicated to encouraging local industries.


New Glass Bottles Suppliers. According to new regulations, glass bottles had to be 10%-15% lighter in weight. We are using less material and our footprint is reduced.

ISO 22000. We are ISO 22000 certified and are committed to control food safety hazards in order to ensure that our vineyards are safe.

Glass Suppliers Recycling Regulations. According to new international regulations, 60% of the glass bottles offered by the glass bottles suppliers have to be made from recycled glass. We are committed to these regulations as well.

Planting Trees. Last year we planted 40 oak trees that were brought from the Chouf region. We believe that trees are important for the sustainability of the ecosystem, they feed themselves with CO2 and give us back oxygen, they hold water and enrich the soil. This year, more trees will be planted at the winery, we are also considering having a larger variety of trees. We have also turned the entrance of our Arak distillery to a green wall.

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Led Lights. We have extended our efforts to decrease the consumption of energy at the winery and changed all the lights to led lights. Our consumption of energy has decreased ever since.

Reused Corks. We have been donating the used corks from our tasting room to Lebanese scouts. We love the art they are making with our corks.

We have been pretty busy lately, we are also preparing for new activities towards sustainable development. Do you have any ideas to share with us to help us in our sustainable development initiative? Drop us a comment or send us an email at


Thank you Château Ksara team for taking these amazing photos we shared in our article.

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