The Wine Harvest Begins

Harvesting is one of the most crucial steps in the process of Wine Making, and at Chateau Ksara we wanted our staff to experience the magic of picking the perfect grapes for that perfect wine.


So as soon as the Harvesting season began, Chateau Ksara gathered its staff for a special day out, where we enjoyed a special picnic in Kherbet Kanafar’s Ksara vineyard. After some brief training in the field, we were ready to participate in the harvest. Hand picking the grapes with the utmost care and expert judgment, we experienced a crucial stage of Ksara’s professionalism.

In the tender sunlight and pleasant company, time flew until the day’s harvest ended at noon. We then embarked on a journey to the center of the village for a picnic under the oldest pine tree in Lebanon, which had been standing tall over the Bekaa Valley for over 2,000 years! Enjoying the wonderfully home-cooked meals we all prepared communally, everyone had a great experience.

Excellent teamwork and a true social gathering proved just how familial the Ksara team was, as managers, employees, and workers from different departments and company locations all shared in this experience with smiles on their faces and satisfied hearts. It’s times like these when making a toast is really in order: Cheers to all the Ksara employees and our loyal customers!


Check out the photos of our Harvest

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